The Great British Bake Off ™ Series 3 Recipes

Listed are links to a selection of recipes from series 3 of The Great British Bake Off.

Paul Hollywood - 100 Great Breads


Week 1: Rum Babas and Showstopper Cakes

Apple, hazelnut and Calvados upside down cake by Cathryn Dresser
Rum babas by Paul Hollywood
Pie-shaped hidden design cake by Victoria Chester
Nectar cake with hidden beehive by Danny Bryden
Toffee apple upside-down cake by John Whaite

Week 2: Eight-Strand Plaited Loaf and Bagels.

Blueberry and white chocolate bagels by John Whaite
Middle Eastern taboon flatbread by Brendan Lynch
Eight-strand plaited loaf by Paul Hollywood
Chipotle chilli and smoked cheddar bagels by Cathryn Dresser
Fig, walnut and Gruyère bagels by John Whaite
Cranberry and orange bagels by Cathryn Dresser
Beer and honey rye flour oatcakes by Sarah Jane Willis
Indian roti by Brendan Lynch
Toasted coconut and lime roti by Sarah Jane Willis

Week 3: Tartes Tatin

Banana tarte tatin by Sarah Jane Willis
Rose, lychee and raspberry tart by James Morton
Lavender and apple tarte tatin by James Morton
Arabian night tart by John Whaite
Mary Berry’s treacle tart with woven lattice top by Mary Berry

Week 4: Tortes, Crème Caramel and Meringue

White chocolate, macadamia and coffee torte by Cathryn Dresser
Clementine and chestnut torte by Brendan Lynch
Elderflower and bramble berry pavlova by John Whaite
Classic crème caramel by Mary Berry
Monte Bianco: chestnut, chocolate and coffee dacquoise by Danny Bryden

Week 5: Pies

Sea bass en croute with Puy lentils by Ryan Chong
Sweet potato pecan pie by James Morton
Chiffon pie by Brendan Lynch
Hand-raised chicken and bacon pie by Paul Hollywood
Full English Wellington by Danny Bryden

Week 7: Sweet Dough

Jam doughnuts by Paul Hollywood
Bonfire night brioche by Cathryn Dresser
European Christmas wreath by Danny Bryden
Chelsea bunski by Brendan Lynch
Lardy cakes by Ryan Chong

Week 8: Biscuits

Chocolate marshmallow teacakes by Mary Berry
Gingerbread house by James Morton
Gingerbread Big Ben by Danny Bryden
Multi-seed savoury crackers by Brendan Lynch
Asian spice crackers by John Whaite

Week 9: Patisserie

Orange, white chocolate and cardamom langues de chat by Danny Bryden
Gâteau St Honoré Brendan Lynch
Gâteau Saint Honoré à la passion by John Whaite
Blackcurrant and peppermint macaroons by Danny Bryden
Chocolate indulgence petits fours by James Morton
Chilli, lime and raspberry macaroons by James Morton
Miniature raspberry and basil financiers Danny Bryden
Lemon and rhubarb tartlets by James Morton
Fraisier cake by Mary Berry

Week 10: The Final

Spinach, caramelised garlic, red pepper and potato pithivier by Brendan Lynch
Mary Berry’s fondant fancies by Mary Berry
Tartarus et caeli: heaven and hell cake by John Whaite

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